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Evanston Running Club (ERC)

Our Mission
The Evanston Running Club is a diverse community of runners of all ages and abilities. Through training, group running experiences, and participation in running events, we encourage and support our members to attain their running goals, foster a spirit of camaraderie, and give back to the local running community.

Our History
The Evanston Running Club was formed in 1973 by a group of Evanston runners at the YMCA indoor track who wanted to connect with other local runners. The club was incorporated in 1975 with Bruce Holmes as president. The club, in addition to helping runners meet other runners, provided monthly educational programs, promoted friendly competitions with Sunday morning races, published a monthly newsletter, organized social events, and worked with other groups to set up larger, local races. Forty years later, the club has about 500 members of all ages and abilities. 

Read more out our MILESTONES here.

Our Leadership Team (2019 - 2020)

President                          Melissa Polivka                      
 Steve Luebkeman
Treasurer  Dan Broughton
 Kate Saccany
Board Members  Ila Allen
 Deanna Badong
 Eleanor Brandt
 Rebecca Coutre
 Amy Kaepeler Gingold
 Tim Guimond
 Chuck Janczy
 Bill Leiner 
 Kevin McGirl
 Simon Morris
 Nancy Rollins
 Scott Siegel
 Elias Theodosis
 Gedion Yitref  

Past Presidents

- Bruce Holmes - 1975

Jesse Bond - 1976

Jim Mitchell - 1977

Howard (Hardy) Will - 1978

Janet Swenson -1979

Jack Snarr - 1980

John Fell - 1981

Hillis Howe - 1982

Eric Swenson - 1983

Allan Giese - 1984

Carle Rollins - 1985 -1986

Horst Steinfels - 1987 - 1989

Milan Adrian - 1990

Chris Nemeth - 1991-1992

Gary Peterson - 1993

Andy Oakley - 1994

Keith Holzmueller - 1995 - 1999

Stefano Mereu - 2000 - 2001

Greg Seeger - 2002 - 2007

Dave Boyce - 2008

Alvah White - 2009 - 2013

Nichelle Pajeau - 2014

Chuck Janczy - 2015 - 2016

Kevin McGirl - 2017-2018



Click on the link below to see the
graphic using 2014 year-end information from our member records.

Who We Are